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Instructional & Student Services Deans

Instructional Deans

Gary Pritchard, Interim Dean of Academic Affairs, Ext. 2226

Connie Boardman, Dean of Science, Engineering & Math,  Ext. 2661

Rachel Mason, Dean of Business Education, Humanities & Social Sciences, Ext. 2700

Shawna Baskette, Dean of Academic Success, Ext. 2413

Gary Pritchard, Dean of Fine Arts & Communications, Ext. 2602

Sandy Marks, Dean of Health Occupations,  Ext. 2554

Nick Real, Dean of Technology, Ext. 2903 

David Fabish, Dean of Liberal Arts,  Ext. 2801

Daniel Smith, Dean of Physical Education & Athletics, Ext. 2863

Graciela Vasquez, Associate Dean Adult Education & Diversity Programs, Ext. 2490 

Student Services Deans

Elizabeth Miller, Dean of Student Services, Ext. 2476

Lucinda Aborn, Dean of Disabled Student Programs & Services, Ext. 2334

Renee De Long, Dean of Counseling Services, Ext. 2128

Stephanie Murguia, Dean of Admissions, Records & Services, Ext. 2102

Kim Westby, Dean of Student Support Services & Financial Aid, Ext. 2393

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