Woodworking Celebration
10:00 am-2:00 pm


Please mark your calendar for 9th Annual Woodworking Celebration and join us in honoring our graduates!

Saturday, May 23 2015
10:00 am to 2:00 pm

- People's choice awards!
- Lumber milling demonstration! Bring a log if you have one (and can get it there!)
- Silk screening! Bring an item to receive a CSAW logo of your choice.
- Custom hearing protection (get your own pair of custom silicone earplugs). You need to RSVP to for this one.

Enjoy lunch and bring a dessert to share. If you would like to display your work, please pick up an entry form from the Bulletin Board in the CNC area and sign up to exhibit your work. All classes are eligible. Be sure to bring your exhibit to school BEFORE Friday, May 22, so we can set up the display.

Location: Woodworking WD-12 Contact: Tony Fortner, x2985

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