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Film Production

Cerritos College Filmmaking 


The FILM PRODUCTION program at Cerritos College is a Career Tech Education (CTE) program where students learn industry relevant skills, time-honored fundamentals and current technology to prepare them for a highly competitive field.

Six courses have been added to the program since 2008: TV Commercial and PSA Production (FILM103), Film and Digital Cinematography (FILM104), Documentary Film & Reality TV Production (FILM256), Music Video Production (FILM271), Advanced Motion Picture Editing (FILM293) and Advanced Motion Picture Production (FILM 294).

The Apple Authorized Training Center for Education (AATCE) program supports schools that incorporate Apple-authorized course materials into their existing accredited curriculum and administer certifications to their enrolled students and faculty.


List of Film Production Instructors and Spring 2018 Classes

Prof. Robert Campolo (Film Studies) - Film 160, Film 241, TH150 and TH151

Prof. Steven Hirohama - Film 101, Film 104, Film 114, Film 271 and Film 294

Adjunct Prof. Avraham Karshmer - Film 102

Adjunct Prof. Mike Stoltz - Film 104

Adjunct Prof. Kamil Turowski - Film 101 and Film 102 


Important Information

In Production Club

IN PRODUCTION CLUB - meets every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. FA136, from 7 pm.


Film Production AA degree Road Map

Apple Authorized Training Center for Education 

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