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Secondary (Jr. High / High School) Teaching Pathway

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Become a
Secondary Teacher
(Junior High / High School)

What is the Secondary Teaching Pathway?

The Cerritos College Teacher TRAC Middle School / High School Pathway opens the door for students interested in Teaching at the Middle School Level or the High School Level in all subjects.  There is a high need for Math and Science teachers. Future teachers attending Cerritos College have an opportunity to complete part of their coursework here and then transfer to the institution of their choice for a bachelor’s degree in the major that they will be teaching. 

How does Teacher TRAC help Prepare you to become a Secondary Teacher?

  • Through EDEL 105, Teacher TRAC educates and exposes secondary pathway students to the California teaching standards in order for students to become effective future teachers.

  • Secondary curriculum is taught by current K-12 educators.

  • Service Learning provides real-world, hands on experiences in the classroom with mentor teachers.

  • Content courses enhance knowledge in the fields that future teachers will be teaching.

Why Teach at the Secondary Level?

  • California needs skilled and qualified teachers to prepare the next generation.

  • California is experiencing a teacher shortage, especially in the areas of Math, Science and Special Education.

  • Secondary teachers share the passion of learning with the next generation and contribute to the community.

What Opportunities are Offered through the Middle School/High School Pathway?

  • Internship opportunities in a middle school or high school classroom

  • Opportunities for attending teaching conferences and workshops

  • Eligibility to apply for scholarships

  • Specialized Counseling with Teacher TRAC Counselors

  • Networking with professionals

  • Targeted courses for future teachers

Are You interested in Teaching Math or Science at the Middle School or High School Level and are planning to transfer to CSULB?  Teacher TRAC has set curriculum for you:

  • I'm interested in Teaching Biology 
  • I'm interested in Teaching Chemistry 
  • I'm interested in Teaching Geology 
  • I'm interested in Teaching Math 
  • I'm interested in Teaching Physics 
  • For other teaching majors and transfer institutions, please call the Teacher TRAC Center to make an appointment with a Teacher TRAC Counselor:   (562) 860-2451 Ext. 2212.

For more information on joing the Teacher TRAC Program,

please click on Getting Started with TRAC

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