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Student Life Committee Members

Member Role/Constituency Name Term of Office
Dean of Student Services Dr. Elizabeth Miller n/a
Vice President of Student Services Dr. Robyn Brammer n/a
Coord. of Student Conduct Dr. Cynthia Lavariere n/a
Student Activities Coordinator Christopher Dela Cruz n/a
Management Rep. 1 Debra Ward 2020-2023
Management Rep. 2 Maria Castro 2021-2024
Faculty Rep. 1 (instructional) Brooke Hanniff 2020-2023
Faculty Rep. 2 (student services) Nellie Hernandez-Garcia 2021-2024 
CSEA Rep. 1 Maria Isai 2020-2023
CSEA Rep. 2 Nikki Jones 2020-2023
Confidential Rep. Edith Finney 2020-2023
ASCC Director of Student Services or designee Jacki Scott 2022-2023
ASCC Student Rep.  Angelina Pichardo 2022-2023
Ex-officio                                                          Name                             Term of Office
Bookstore Manager    Brianne Freeman n/a
Associate Dean of Student Health Dr. Hillary Mennella n/a
Dean of SAS, or Designee      Elizabeth Page n/a
Chief of Campus Police Don Mueller n/a
Facilities Representative Carlos Serna n/a

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