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Enrolled Minors Program

Enrolled Minors Form

Title2, Chapter 5, Article 1, Section 48800 of the California Education Code provides the following guidelines for enrichment students:

The governing board of any school district may determine which students would benefit from advance scholastic or vocational work. The intent of this section is to provide educational enrichment opportunities for a limited number of eligible pupils, rather than to reduce current course requirements for elementary and secondary schools.

This program was designed for K-12 students, in search ofadvance scholastic courses. Which are considered 100 and above level courses.

Example: English 100 or Math 140 etc.

Students may not enroll in pre-collegiate courses (1-99) or Physical education courses.

Example: English 20 or Math 20 etc.

Academic Eligibility

  1. Must have a cumulative high school grade point average of 2.5
  2. Consent from School official.
  3. Must complete the appropriate College assessment process and meet the stated prerequisite and/or co-requisite for the desired course.


  1. A high school junior or senior student may be permitted to enroll in up to 4.0 units.
  2. College Bridge students will not receive priority enrollment status.
  3. The student shall receive college credit for the community college courses that the student successfully completes. Arrangements for receiving high school credit for course work completed at the Cerritos College must be made solely at the discretion of the student's High school.
  4. Cerritos College has determined that non-transferable and physical education courses are the types of courses that would not be considered Advanced Scholastic in nature.

Cerritos College definition of "Advanced Scholastic" is:

  1. Courses meeting Cerritos requirements for an Associates Arts Degree, excluding preparatory English and math courses.
  2. Courses that are transferable to a four-year institution.
  3. Courses not available to the student within their school district.

Alternate option for Physical Education Courses only: Auditing a course is the only other option for a student to take physical education course. Auditing allows the student to participate, but will not receive college credit. Auditing fees are not covered by Special Admit Program.

"To-Do" List
  1. Obtain School Principal or Authorize personnel signature.
  2. Parent & students signatures.
  3. Submit Cerritos application and Special Admit Program form in person or online.
  4. Student is required to take the placement test at the request of the Dean of Admissions, Records and Services.
  5. Meet the pre-requisite that is required - Please bring unofficial transcripts from school and see a Cerritos College counselor.
  6. Register online by logging on to your MyCerritos portal

Additional Parental & Student Information Cerritos College district assumes no responsibility for the supervision of minor students outside of the classroom setting. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are appropriately supervised before, after class, and if or when a class is cancelled or dismissed at an early time. Attendance is required, but not monitored as it is in secondary school systems. Cerritos will not call parent or guardian if a student is absent, nor will we verify attendance. Students are expected to meet all deadlines, classes must be dropped within the deadlines, grade options etc. It is the student's responsibility to know these deadlines- Deadlines are indicated in the current class schedule.

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