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Appointment Override Policy

Enrollment appointments are assigned priority based on the number of completed units. The more units you complete successfully, the earlier your enrollment appointment. The enrollment priority is limited to 110 units. After 110 completed units, the lowest enrollment priority is assigned.

Petition Form and Documentation:

Submit an Enrollment Priority Appeal Petition for address an exception to the 110-unit Enrollment Priority Reset Rule.

  • All petitions require documentation. Attach supporting documents (i.e. external transcripts, letters).


Petitions are subject to a case-by-case consideration by the Dean of Admissions & Records. A maximum of 12 units of coursework may be approved (subject to course availability and prerequisite eligibility).

Petition-by-Term Requirement:

Petitions for this exception apply to one term. A student wishing to receive an exception for another term must submit a new petition. If sequentially scheduled courses are required for completion, the subsequent course(s) should be indicated in the first petition.


Petitions are due no less than three (3) weeks prior to the first date of enrollment for each term. Refer to the Schedule of Classes. Submit petitions to the Dean of Admissions & Records.

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