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Emergency Aid Request

Emergency aid assist students in meeting financial needs as a result of an unexpected event or emergency. The purpose of this program is to assist students in staying enrolled in college and progressing toward graduation. The Falcon's Nest will explore a variety of resources available to them through on and off campus referrals.

Due to the very high volume of requests you May be contacted in approximately 2-3 weeks regarding the status of your request after submission.


  • Students may receive CARES Act emergency financial assistance of up to $500. This is a lifetime maximum per student.
  • CARES Act emergency assistance requests may be denied, partially funded, or fully funded (max $500).
  • CARES Act emergency assistance is limited and will only be available during limited times throughout the semester.
  • Applicants MUST submit supporting documentation, examples are a copy of a specific bill, a repair quote, rental notice or lease, etc.
  • Due to the very high volume of requests you will be contacted in approximately 2-3 weeks regarding the status of your request after submission. Requests for Emergency Aid with all supporting documentation attached will be reviewed and approved more quickly. We understand your request is urgent, and will contact you sooner if possible.

Types of requests that will not be considered:

  • Fees for other colleges
  • Fees for parking tickets, moving violations, traffic school, or expenses related to violation of regulations/laws 
  • General credit card debt – request needs to be tied to a specific unexpected or emergency cost, and itemized. 


Be prepared to answer the following questions on the form, in order to describe your need.  To expedite review of your request, be sure to answer the questions fully and attach specific supporting documentation:

  1. Describe the specific unexpected financial emergency that has arisen.
  2. State in specific detail what exact expense you are seeking aid to cover. Supporting documentation must be attached to this form for the expense you describe.
  3. If applicable, please include specific deadlines or timelines. 

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