Continuing Students

All continuing students must turn in the following documents every semester.

  1. A Continuing Student Form must be turned in to the front desk along with your County Approved Eligibility Documentation (i.e., Notice of Action, Verification of Benefits, GN 6005, GN 6005A, GN 6006)
    • Eligibility Documents MUST be dated within the semester and show proof of cash-aid.
    • Summer eligibility MUST be dated between May and August
    • Fall eligibility MUST be dated between August and December
    • Spring eligibility MUST be dated between January and May
  2. The CalWORKs Work-In Progress (WIP) Form is due every semester.
    • Fall 2019 WIP Form is due between:
      • September 30, 2019 and October 4, 2019 

Please Note: You can now print out your Verification of Benefits Form directly from the D.P.S.S. website.

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