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The Cerritos Complete Promise Program is a great opportunity for students to smoothly transition to college. This program provides opportunities for students to obtain the skills and knowledge needed for college, explore a variety of careers, save money on their college education, and graduate from college on-time. 


The Cerritos Complete Promise Program is available to our partner district students graduating high school seniors or students completing their equivalency from an adult school in 2020-2021. Students must complete all 5 eligibility steps by the deadlines.


  • Two-year free tuition (in-state rates only)
  • Two-year priority enrollment
  • Step by step assistance
  • One-on-one counseling and advisement
  • College preparedness
  • Career exploration
  • Personalized schedule for Fall and Spring semesters
  • Student support services


If you have questions about the Online Events below (Zoom Links, dates, and times) please contact:

Cerritos Complete Promise Program Information Presentation Zoom Presentation on TIME/DATE  

1. Submit a Cerritos College Summer 2021 Semester Application.


College Application Workshop: Zoom Presentation on TIME/DATE October 1, 2020 - February 26, 2021

2. (a) Submit a FAFSA/DREAM Act Application for 2021-2022.

(b) Submit additional paperwork to Cerritos College Financial Aid.

Financial Aid Information Workshop: Zoom Presentation on TIME/DATE

(a) October 1, 2020 - March 2, 2021

(b) April 30, 2021

3. Submit the Cerritos Complete Intent Form.
Students must have a Cerritos College Student ID #
(Example – 2211111) in order to submit your form.
  October 5, 2020 - March 2, 2021
4. Submit the Placement Forms for Math, English/ESL, and Reading.
Students must login to their MyCerritos account in order to submit the two online forms. High School students will need to answer questions based on their high school transcript.
Login to your MyCerritos account to complete this requirement. October 5, 2020 - May 15, 2021

5. (a) Sign-up and complete a Falcon Edge Orientation Workshop & the 30-minute counseling appointment.
Sign-ups and the workshops will start in March. Enrollment for Fall classes start June 6, 2021* Tentative.

(b) Enroll in classes in your MyCerritos account – You can enroll once you complete the Orientation

  • Summer semester is optional. You can get ahead on your 1st Year Requirement! Enroll in a Summer 2021 Counseling Class (COUN 101B or COUN 200) in your MyCerritos account after you complete your Falcon Edge Orientation Workshop and one-on-one counseling appointment.
  • Fall semester is mandatory. Students must enroll and successfully pass (Grades of C or better) their Counseling, Math and English/ESL classes in Fall semester.
  • Students must keep taking Math and English/ESL classes until they complete transfer level (Example: Math 112/PSYC 210 and English 100). When students successfully complete transfer level, they meet their academic requirements for Cerritos Complete.

(a) Sign-ups will be available on ESARS.

(b) Login to your MyCerritos account to complete this requirement.

(a) Sign-ups and workshops open March 2021. Complete the workshop and appointment by June 6, 2021

(b) Make sure to enroll in your classes. Your priority enrollment begins June 6, 2021

Deadline to enroll in Fall semester classes is July 1, 2021

Enroll as early as you can because if you do not enroll in math and English/ESL you will not be able to continue in the program

Get ahead on your 1st Year Requirement! Enroll in a Summer 2021 Counseling Class (COUN 101B or 200) in your MyCerritos account. 

*All steps and dates are subject to change.

Students that successfully complete all 5 eligibility steps will be admitted into the Cerritos Complete Promise Program.

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