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Composites Technology Training for California Industry

Man working on a plastic composite project
Composites Technology Training

Since composite materials are used in an increasing number of products ranging from simple consumer goods to advanced aerospace structures, learning what they are and how to work with them is becoming important for all manufacturers and designers. The training will review the history and basic physical and chemical properties of these materials to enable a better understanding of why they are used in specific applications.  In this training you will learn about the most commonly used processes: lay-up, vacuum bagging, curing, resin transfer molding, filament winding, pultrusion, bonding and fabrication of composite structures.

Available trainings include:

  • Composites Fabrication - Areas of concentration include composite structures, material choices, design of composite structures, surface bonding, fastener installation, inspection processes and approved repair methods.

  • Composites Repair - Areas of concentration include structural and nonstructural evaluation, material handling, surface preparation, and common types of damages encountered within the composite industry.

  • Fiberglass Technology - Areas of concentration include the industrial uses of fiberglass resins, cloth, mat and composite materials, mold laminating, repair and proper use of resins and fillers.

  • Moldmaking - Areas of concentration include basic shop operation, demonstrations, safety and technology of moldmaking in the plastics industry.

For companies interested in group employee training, please contact us at or 562-860-2451, Ext. 2511.

For individual students interested in taking a college credit class, please call 562-860-2451 or
visit the college main website at  




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