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Programmable Logic Controllers PLC

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Technician II Certificate Program

The PLC Technician II Certificate program introduces the theory behind Programmable Logic Controllers, while maintaining an emphasis on the application of PLCs in plant and manufacturing systems. The program material and PLCLogix , the PLC simulation software which is integrated into this program, are based on the Rockwell Logix 5000 PLC control software.

The program material includes over 250 pre-built PLC lab projects using programming instructions based on the RSLogix 5000 instruction set. Practical examples are presented using HD animations and hundreds of images and illustrations. Learn advanced PLC programming techniques based on practical applications including traffic lights, elevators, conveyors, process control, and robotics.

The self-paced, computer-based, distance education format allows you to complete the program, at home or at work, on your schedule, not ours. Average completion time is 32 weeks.  All you need is the program disk, an Internet connection and the desire to learn.  No expensive books or lab equipment are required. We provide you with immediate technical and training support when you ask but leave the scheduling of studying and completion time up to you.

PLCLogix Simulation Software

Using PLCLogix, you are able to gain much-needed programming practice by creating and running your own ladder logic programs using tag-based memory.  PLCLogix functionality includes a graphical controller organizer and a point-and-click method of configuring various I/O.  The application organization is based on using tasks, programs and routine structures. In addition, it features sophisticated data handling and incorporates both arrays and user-defined structures to provide maximum flexibility and emulation of real world control applications.  PLCLogix also includes a free-form ladder logic editor that allows you to modify multiple rungs of logic at the same time.  The point-and-click graphical interface provides a simple, realistic method of entering and editing ladder logic programs.

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