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For Richard Pocock, Anything worth Doing is Worth Overdoing

Courtesy of California Community College Athletic Association

Richard Pocock taking down the opponentLooking back over the past few years, Richard Pocock has always believed that his exposure and participation with different cultures, would enhance his emotional and personal growth. After graduating from high school, he became part of the Cerritos College culture. This educational culture gave him the opportunity to fuel his thirst for academic knowledge. It also gave him the chance to utilize the resources on campus to excel in the classroom as he earned a 3.7 GPA.

An invitation by the Wrestling Coach to participate on the Cerritos Intercollegiate Wrestling team allowed him to become part of the student athlete culture on the college campus. He developed a support system that
consisted of his teammates and his coaches that allowed him to hone his skills which resulted in
his earning 4th in the state in his weight class and being recognized as an Academic and Athletic All American. With all the academic and athletic growth that Richard had experienced while attending Cerritos College, it could not overshadow the one culture that has created the most challenge and personal conflict within himself.

Richard never questioned the importance of family and especially valued his relationship with his younger siblings, but he always knew that an education would provide him with more opportunities as he wanted to create his own personal legacy.

Overcoming cultural and familial expectations while balancing his academic and athletic aspirations created conflict and stress between him and his parents. This issue escalated to the point that during his first term at Cerritos College he was kicked out of the house and was homeless until his grandparents took him in. The next two years became a roller coaster ride that tested his inner drive to succeed in his academic and
athletic endeavors.

The everyday challenges of balancing school, athletics and personal time as well as finding transportation
to school and his fulltime job, challenged him to the point where he began questioning whether he made the right choice of going to school.

During this time, he met and had several discussions with his Academic Athletic Counselor, Michael Miles. During these appointments, Michael would guide him through his academic, career and personal pathways,
which ultimately provided Richard a plan of success which allowed him to stay on course to reach all of his goals and aspirations.

Through it all, Richard has taken the positive values from all the aforementioned cultures, and created his own personal standards of excellence.

Richard is on a roll after transferring to Hastings College in Nebraska in 2017, winning the Great Plains Athletic Conference's 149-pound championship this February.

The inner strength that allowed him to gain personal maturity, become accountable for all his actions, and focus on his goals can be attributed to his own personal mantra, “Anything worth Doing, is Worth Overdoing.”

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