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Complete the following steps to enroll for the Cerritos Summer Connections Course:

1. To enroll in Summer Connections, you MUST have submitted a SUMMER 2016 application.  
If you don't have a Cerritos Student ID #,  Apply Online.  (You can also submit an application in the Admissions Office at the campus.)

2. Complete all 3 Assessment Tests (Math, English and Reading) or ESL Testing.

3. Complete the ONLINE Orientation by logging onto MyCerritos or attend an on campus orientation.

4. Enroll for COUN 101A through MyCerritos on your assigned appointment date & time.

** Please note you will not be able to register for classes unless #2 and #3 are completed. **

5. Pay your fees

  • Financial Aid is available to students who apply & qualify.
  • Payment is accepted online via your MyCerritos account, and at the Admissions Office on campus.

Note: Your fees must be paid or you will be dropped from your classes!All students are rquired to pay a $19 heath fee, this is not covered by financial aid.


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Seating is limited in the Cerritos Summer Connections program.
Enroll today!!!




Question:   What if I was a college bridge student and already have a student number?

Answer:   Students who were enrolled in Cerritos College and high school under the College Bridge Program concurrently, are still required to submit another application.  To submit an application online click: Online Application.


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Question:   What if I am not a U.S. Citizen?

Answer:   You are still able to attend Cerritos College.   If you can answer yes to the following questions, you may be eligible to pay California Resident Fees instead of out of state fees. 

    • Have you graduated from a California high school or have attained the equivalent thereof, such as a High School Equivalency Certificate, issued by the California High School Proficiency Examination?
    • Have you attended high school in California for three years or more?

If you answered yes to both these questions, California Resident Fees may apply.  Download, read and return the AB540 to the Admissions and Records Office.


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Question:   How do I enroll in Classes?

Follow: "How to Register Online."

If you should need additional help with navigating your MyCerritos account, please view the  ASC's MyCerritos Student Guide.


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Question:  How can I arrange to take an assessment test?

Answer: The Assessment Center is located in the Administration Building.  The testing Calendar is online through the Assessment CenterWeb site.

  • Don't forget to bring a photo ID and your Cerritos College student ID number when your arrive to take the tests.


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