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Employee of the Month Winners 2015-2016

Congratulations Robert Aguayo!

Employee of the Year Robert

Employee of the Year 2015-2016

Thomas Schmitt MAY 2015
Thomas Schmitt, Facilities, HVAC
Masoud Alavian JUNE 2015
Masoud Alavian, Library Computer Lab 
Margo Winners JULY 2015
Margo Winners, Public Affairs
Robert Aguayo AUGUST 2015
Robert Aguayo, EOPS Specialist

Denise Marshall SEPTEMBER 2015
Denise Marshall, Facilities
Tischel Diaz OCTOBER 2015
Tischel Diaz, Adult Education

Maya Radillo NOVEMBER 2015
Maya Radillo, Purchasing
Evelyn Madison DECEMBER 2015
Evelyn Madison, Counseling

Erica McLennan JANUARY 2016
Erica McLennan, HPEDA

Silvia Vera FEBRUARY 2016
Silvia Vera, Financial Aid
Toni Grijalva MARCH 2016
Toni Grijalva, Public Affairs

Albert Wilmovsky APRIL 2016
Albert Wilmovsky, Library

Employees of the Month 2014-2015

For previous year's winners, please contact Monica Acuna in Human Relations at ext. 2285

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