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Employee of the Month Winners 2016-2017

Comgratulations 2016-2017 Employee of the Year
Dave Ward 
Congratulations Dave Ward


Suzy Heapy MAY 2016
Suzy Heapy, Library and Academic Success
Monique Valencia JUNE 2016
Monique Valencia, CTX
Kim Applebury JULY 2016
Kim Applebury, Counseling
Daniel Becerra & Steve Gonzalez AUGUST 2016
Daniel Becerra & Steve Gonzalez, Facilities

Dan Tufnell SEPTEMBER 2016
Dan Tufnell, HPEDA
Monica Castro OCTOBER 2016
Monica Castro, Educational Partnerships and Programs

Dave Gunn NOVEMBER 2016
Dave Gunn, Library and Academic Success
Claudia Cruz DECEMBER 2016
Claudia Cruz, Facilities

Deborah Buffington JANUARY 2017
Deborah Buffington, Fine Arts

Dave Ward FEBRUARY 2017
Dave Ward, Fine Arts
Leo Lopez MARCH 2017
Leo Lopez, Financial Aid

John Ella APRIL 2017
John Ella, Information Technology

Employees of the Month 2015-2016

For previous year's winners, please contact Monica Acuna in Human Relations at ext. 2285

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