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The Mission of the Cerritos College Committee on Developmental Education is to insure that the college maintains well-coordinated, highly-integrated, inclusive and effective support for all Cerritos College Learners.


  1. Establish and implement an assessment and evaluation plan for continuous quality improvement in Developmental  Education programs and services.
  2. Nurture a campus-wide culture of inquiry, evidence, and innovation among all faculty by establishing and supporting the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTX).
  3. Establish and expand academic preparation and programs to move students efficiently through the developmental education course sequences.
  4. Expand well-coordinated, inclusive, and effective Success Center with highly-integrated curriculum to support learners in both preparing for and succeeding in college-level courses and programs.
  5. Develop and Expand campus programs that prepare students for required assessments, orient students to the college culture, and counsel students to begin required developmental classes as early as possible in their academic career

Meeting Times: 

  • The committee meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 2 -3:30 pm in LC-62.


As a shared governance committee, the meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend; however, the voting membership of the committee is formally set at 21 members. Members serve a three-year term not to exceed two consecutive terms for appointed positions. ASCC representatives will serve a one-year term. Membership includes:

  • 1 faculty members appointed by each of the following instructional areas and confirmed by the Faculty Senate: English, ESL, Math, and Reading
  • 1 faculty representatives from Counseling appointed by the Faculty Senate
  • 1 faculty representative from Adult Education
  • 1 faculty representatives appointed at-large by the Faculty Senate
  • 1 representative from DSPS
  • 2 Management representatives appointed by ACCME
  • Director of Research and Planning or designee
  • 2 Classified/Confidential representatives appointed by CSEA (preferably from student support centers)
  • 1 faculty representatives from CTE appointed by Faculty Senate
  • 1 student representative appointed by ASCC
  • Dean of Academic Success and Institutional Effectiveness
  • Developmental Education Coordinator (Chairperson, non-voting)


The Developmental Education Coordinator serves as the chair of the committee.

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