EDT Certificate

The Educational Technology Certificate focuses on the fundamental computer skills needed to work within today's educational technology environments.  The program provides a foundation in computer software and resources for curriculum development and presentations, multi-media enhancements, and other general skills and strategies that would be used in a classroom or in a service program that assists teachers to enhance their curriculum delivery.

The goal of the Certificate program is to train educators or potential educators to effectively use technology to improve the learning environments of today's schools and for direct entry into employment in education or education-related careers.  

Educational Technology Brochure

* "Educational Technology" is also often referred to as "Instructional Technology" and "Instructional Design," depending on the program or classes and the individual institution.


Major Requirements

Complete Core Courses: (5 units required core)

Select any two of the following courses (6 units required core selection)

Total Core Courses:                                                                      11 units


Additional Requirements

Complete any 7 units from the list below or any Core Courses above not already used:

Total Number of Units for Certificate of Achievement = 18

To be awarded a Certificate of Achievement in Educational Technology by the college, a student must complete the 11 units of Core Course requirements and 7 additional units to total a minimum of 18 units.

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