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Dr. Fierro’s “Bird-Mobiles” hide in Cerritos College employees’ homes to watch over them. Once everyone goes to bed, Franco drives back to Cerritos College to report to Dr. Fierro all the good deeds that our superheroic employees have done throughout the day. Before the employees wake up each morning, Franco drives back from the college and hides. By hiding in his vehicle in a new spot around the house each morning, Franco plays an ongoing game of hide-and-seek with the employees.

When you build his car, Franco gets this magical ability to drive to and from the college.

He is often seen driving or parking in very unique places inside and outside the employees’ houses.  Franco camouflages his vehicle with the hope that he is not caught.  Dr. Fierro denies the existence of his Bird-Mobiles, but we want to show him proof of the sightings.  If you see Franco driving around or parked inside or outside your home, please upload your pictures to Dr. Fierro's Bird-Mobile website.

Some of the sightings have been in the City of Yorba Linda, but believers indicate that they have seen him all over LA and OC counties. Here are some examples:

Let’s show Dr. Fierro that his Bird-Mobiles exist and upload your pictures.

 Materials Needed:

Glue, Scissors, Template



  1. Print Bird-Mobile Template
  2. Cut out around darker solid lines
    Bird-Mobile Template (B&W)

  3. Fold along thin lines
    Bird-Mobile fold example

  4. Glue "star tabs" under other areas. Hold folds in place for 5-10 seconds
    Bird-Mobile full car example
  5. upload to Dr. Fierro's Website

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