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During Fall 2018, all full time Cerritos College employees will be invited to take part in a climate survey. The survey will be administered by ModernThink and is completed online via email invitation. The goal of the survey is to gather input from employees to better understand the Cerritos College employee climate as it relates to diversity and inclusion. For more information, please review the FAQ on this page. If you would like to spread the word about the survey. please share this flyer.

This page include common resources and answers to FAQs. If you have questions about the survey, please contact Dr. Valyncia C. Raphael at vraphael@cerritos.edu Also, please check back for updates on this page, as some summary data will be provided on the webpage once it is available. 

Fall 2018 Employee Climate Survey FAQ

Who takes the survey?

All regular Cerritos College employees are invited to take this survey.

What is the survey about?

The survey is a customized version of the ModernThink Higher Education Insight Survey. The results will be used to benchmark the College’s progress to serve our diverse campus community. The survey also meets the Diversity Plan Action 2.1 and EMP Goal A8 Create a culture of respect. The survey will enable the campus to monitor progress our toward creating an inclusive environment, as well as assess meet certain accreditation standards related to assessment.

Who is administering the survey?

Cerritos College Human Resources in partnership with ModernThink and the Diversity Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee (DEEOAC)

What will happen with the results?

The results will be used to better understand the climate at Cerritos College and the workplace experiences of regular employees. The survey results will be used to continue what we are doing well and to make recommendations for changes to enhance diversity, inclusion, and equity planning and services.

If I participate, what will I be asked to do?

You will be invited to participate in a web-based survey. This survey includes sections on workplace engagement, employee demographics, and perceptions related to communication, training, policies, and more. For more information visit https://www.chroniclegreatcolleges.com/survey-instrument/

How long will the survey take?

This survey should take most people approximately 18-22 minutes to complete, although many employees may finish sooner.

Am I required to participate?

You do NOT have to participate in this survey, and if you do participate, you may skip any demographic question you are not comfortable answering and may exit the survey at any time. Most people will find the questions interesting and useful.

Will my answers be confidential?

When you complete the survey, no one will be able to connect your identity with our survey answers. The results will be presented in summary form so no individual can be identified. Group demographic data will be reported in aggregate form when there are five or more respondents in a particular group.

Since this survey is only for full time employees, what options are available to get more information from hourly and other part time employees?

If you would like to provide departmental-specific or climate surveys for your hourly employees, please contact HR. We have some template surveys you can utilize, or we can work with you to design a unique survey. IERP can assist you in constructing a climate survey as well.

What else are we doing on campus related to diversity, inclusion and equity?

Cerritos College is deeply committed to serving our diverse campus community. Many campus resources, policies, programs and services support this commitment. The following items are a short list of Diversity resources. For more information about diversity resources, please visit our diversity page at http://www.cerritos.edu/hr/diversity/default.htm

  • Diversity Directory – coming soon
  • Cerritos College Mission Statement, Value Statement (#4), and Educational Philosophy
  • Board Policy 7100 - Commitment to Diversity
  • Board Policy/Admin Procedure 3410 – Nondiscrimination
  • Board Policy/Admin Procedure 3411 - Accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology
  • Board Policy/Admin Procedure 3412 - 504/ADA Academic Accommodations and Complaints
  • Board Policy/Admin Procedure 3420 - Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Admin Procedure 3435 - Discrimination and Harassment Procedures
  • Board Policy/Admin Procedure 3440- Service Animals
  • Board Policy 5500 - Standards of Student Conduct
  • Board Goals (7.2 and 9)
  • Educational Master Plan (Goal A8)
  • EEO Plan
  • Diversity Plan
  • Student Equity Plan
  • Student Equity Committee Information

I still have questions, who can I contact for more information?

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Dr. Valyncia C. Raphael, Director, Diversity, Compliance, and Title IX Coordinator by phone at (562) 860-2451 ext. 2276.

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