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Featured Keynote Speaker:

Kathy Espinoza 


 Kathy Espinoza,
 Keenan & Associates




Kathy Espinoza is a Board-Certified Professional Ergonomist with dual Master’s Degrees: one in Work Science/Physiology and the other in Business Administration. 

She has worked at Keenan for over 19 years, presenting at conferences on management, human resources, and ergonomics health and safety topics. She has 86 articles published in the field of ergonomics.  

"Bent, But Not Broken... Emerging from COVID more Resilient, Creative, and Hopeful"

Over the past 18 months, COVID has consumed our lives and taken us out of our comfort zone. Yet, we have learned to adapt, learned new technologies, and new ways of delivering services. This session will look at how COVID has affected our resilience, our creativity, and comfort levels. You will learn positive, uplifting strategies to focus on so we don’t come out of the pandemic the way we came into the pandemic. We are bent but not broken.

We have all been impacted by COVID... from working at home to balancing family/work to shopping online, wearing masks, and worrying about exposure. As covid subsides, this session will help us find ways to take what we’ve mastered during covid and move forward, more resilient and hopeful.


  • Looking back on the past COVID year and how it has changed the way we operate.
  • Comfort zones before/after COVID and why this helps/hurts us
  • Creating strategies for building resilience, creativity, and hopefulness moving forward

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