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from 07/01/20XX To 12/01/20XX All Terms go

Posted date item  term charge payment refund
10/30/20XX excess fin aid refund Fall 20XX - - 1524
10/29/20XX Pell Grant Fall 20XX - 1524 -
08/14/20XX Excess Fin Aid Refund Fall 20XX - - 1523
 08/13/20XX Pell Grant  Fall 20XX - 1523 -
07/25/20XX Self Service Payment Fall 20XX - 19 -
07/25/20XX Self Service Payment Fall 20XX - 10 -
07/25/20XX California College Promise Grant Fall 20XX - 432 -
07/25/20XX CCSA Fee Fall 20XX 10 - -
07/25/20XX Enrollment Fee Fall 20XX 432 - -
07/25/20XX Health Fee Fall 20XX 19 - -



The amount in the payment column will show that the financial aid office has disbursed the aid. 

Once the amount is displayed in the Refund column, it can take 2-5 business days to receive your refund.

If you see CC Promise Grant Waiver in the payment column. Your enrollment fees are covered.