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Ally Taskforce


The Cerritos College UndocuAlly Taskforce is a coalition of staff, students, faculty and administrators dedicated to supporting personal, educational, and career success of undocumented students enrolled at the college, as well as those of undocumented prospective students and the larger surrounding community the college serves.

The UndocuAlly Taskforce seeks to support the higher educational aspirations of undocumented students by identifying and effectively addressing institutional barriers, advocating for and cultivating a safe and welcoming campus environment. Taskforce members serve as informed contacts who are knowledgeable in current policy, aware of available resources, and those who create pathways for prospective students by building community relations with local educators. We continue to educate campus constituents about the needs, concerns, and issues of undocumented (unprotected) immigrant students and their family members.

Our Story

We are a group of individuals who work for the college who feel passionate about providing resources for undocumented students in order to provide an equitable learning environment. We first formed the UndocuAlly Taskforce in 2015, because we feel that there is a need on campus, and undocumented students are being underserved. Since then, we have changed our taskforce's name, initially, we were the AB 540 taskforce, we changed our name in 2017 to the "UndocuAlly" taskforce to better define and be inclusive of all undocumented population.

As a taskforce we have provided ally trainings since 2016 to faculty, staff, student leaders, and local high school counselors on federal and state laws pertinent to the undocumented population, career development, and provided advocacy resources to better educate and bring awareness of the uniqueness of the population.

We currently meet the first and third Fridays of the month, from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. in the Financial Aid Resource Center.

TaskForce Members

Name: Taskforce Title: Position Title:
Dr. Lynn Wang Taskforce Chair Counselor
Rosa Carrillo Taskforce member Counselor
Nayeli Duenas Taskforce member Counseling Program Assistant
Blanca Gamez Taskforce member CalWORKs Program Facilitator
Richard Garcia Taskforce member EOPS Specialist
Irma Gorrocino Taskforce member Public Affairs Specialist
Dr. Humberto Hernandez Taskforce member School Psychologist
Amna Jara Taskforce member Student Activities Coordinator
Randy Lee Taskforce member Counselor
Jamie Quiroz Taskforce member Financial Aid Assistant Director
Yesenia Ramirez Taskforce member Financial Aid Specialist

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