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Federal Work-Study Employee Request Form

Financial Aid Office

Federal Work-Study (FWS) Employee Request Form

The purpose of the Federal Work-Study program is to provide students with a part-time employment opportunity, approximately 15 hours per week.  This program provides students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and job skills while pursuing their educational goals. The number of students hired are limited based on funding levels each aid year. Students being placed are from the Federal Work-Study waiting list.Any requests need Department Dean's approval prior to submitting request and/or referring students.

Who will be responsible for supervising this employee and signing their timecard?



Is there a specific title and pay rate that is suitable for this position?



Please indicate what shifts are available:  (Choose at least one)

Important: Keep in mind that the Federal Work-Study program encourages job sites to be flexible with the work schedule to accommodate the student's class schedule and study time.

*Required Fields

Once the Financial Aid Office receives and reviews your request, the Federal Work-Study Program Coordinator will contact you with more information.

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