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Health Department - Dimensions of Wellness

  • Social: Good communication skills, developing the ability for intimacy, and having supportive people in our lives is essential to social or interpersonal wellness.  Socially healthy individuals are able to interact with and relate to others.
  • Physical: Physical health is eating well, exercising, making responsible decisions about sex, getting regular dental and medical checkups, avoiding harmful habits, recognizing the symptoms of disease, and preventing injuries.
  • Spiritual: Spiritual healthy individuals are able to give meaning and purpose to their lives.  They are able to love, forgive, and achieve a sense of inner peace, satisfaction and confidence.
  • Intellectual: An active mind is essential to overall wellness. Openness to new ideas, critical thinking, a sense of humor, curiosity, and creativity contribute to intellectual wellness.
  • Emotional: Emotional wellness includes self-esteem, trust, self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-control, satisfying relationships, and the ability to share feelings.  Emotionally healthy individuals feel good about themselves.
  • Environmental: Environmental or planetary wellness is learning about and protecting yourself against air, noise, and water pollution, ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, and second hand smoke.  We must hold the world in trust for other forms of life and future generations.

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