Canvas Accessibility: Free Self-Paced Course!

Do you use Canvas to teach? Want to know how to integrate accessibility into your course? Canvas provides authors a foundation and a wealth of built-in tools to create inclusive experiences for all students.

In our free, self-paced Canvas Accessibility micro-course for California Community Colleges, learn about essential accessibility principles, how to leverage Canvas tools, and just-in-time tips to expedite your course design.

This course from our new Accessibility Essentials series will teach you how to:

  • Determine the best format/strategy for delivering content, whether it should remain as a PDF, in a Word Doc, or a Canvas page.
  • Explain how formatting impacts assistive technologies' ability to access and interpret information
  • Utilize the Rich Content Editor to properly format content pages.
  • Run Canvas' Accessibility Checker and interpret its results to determine if a Canvas page is accessible.

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Designed by the CCC Accessibility Center in collaboration with @ONE, the Accessibility Essentials courses introduce the crucial elements needed to create accessible media, and strategies for ensuring all students have access to your resources.

Each course is delivered via Canvas and includes hands-on exercises, video demonstrations, and solutions to create and deliver accessible content.

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Additional accessibility courses are available through @ONE that cover the tools and techniques to build accessibility into your online courses. Browse the @ONE course catalog for more information.

Fully funded by a grant from the CCC Chancellor's Office, the CCC Accessibility Center offers training and technical assistance on a variety of accessibility-specific topics, including web accessibility, the use of assistive computer technologies, the creation of alternate formats, and how to integrate accessibility into online instruction.

Learn more about accessibility training opportunities available to California community college faculty and staff. Visit