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Online Teaching Certification

Please follow the steps below to either become certified to teach online or to complete the basic competency requirement to teach online.

Become Certified to Teach online

To become certified to teach online at Cerritos College, you have an option of several pathways:

Pathway #1 - Cerritos College Online Teaching Certification Bootcamp

(This is offered during FLEX Week for Fall & Spring)

This boot camp experience represents approximately 20 hours of synchronous intensive training, addressing the four (4) principles of online teaching identified above and culminating in the delivery of artifacts reflecting mastery of each principle. The experience will be centered around a relevant book on distance education, and participants will be required to complete nightly “homework,” to reflect on learning and strategies for continued practice, and to submit daily evidence of progress.

Pathway #2 - Cerritos College Professional Development Workshop Series and Book Seminar

(This is offered during Fall 2020 and Spring 2021)


Faculty may also pursue certification by: 1) attending a specified series of Cerritos College professional development training experiences, and 2) completing an accompanying seminar centered around a relevant book on distance education. The seminar experience will include the delivery and review of artifacts related to effective online teaching.

To register, please login to Flex Reporter. If you do not have an account, please contact Monique Valencia at

Pathway #3 – Online Teaching Certification from an Accredited Program

Cerritos College faculty who have been formally certified by another accredited institution of higher education may also qualify for certification to teach online at the college. In such cases, faculty should submit documentation of formal certification (e.g., copy of certificate; transcripts) via the Cerritos College Depository of Online Teaching Training and Certification to verify their mastery of the key principles of effective online teaching.

Alternative Certification Training

As alternatives to these pathways, faculty seeking to earn online teaching certification can complete either the course EDT 125 (“Fundamentals of Online Teaching”) offered by the Educational Technology Department at Cerritos College or the Certificate in Online Teaching and Design offered by the Online Network of Educators (@ONE).

Request for Flex Credit (Optional)

To receive flex credit for earning your online teaching certification, please send proof of completion to Chad Greene in the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTX). You may receive up to 25 hours of flex credit.

Complete the Basic Competency Requirement

The Chancellor's office is requiring everyone to have minimum competency by the end of Fall 2020 as we continue to work online. Please note that, if you choose to only establish basic competency, when we return to campus, you will not yet be able to teach online classes.

You may complete one of the two options:

Option 1 - Minimum Competency Self-Paced Modules

You must complete the two modules found in the Online Teaching Resources Canvas site under the Pro Tips Support Session (PTSS) module:

Option 2 - Minimum Competency Workshops

To meet the minimum competency requirement, please attend the number of workshops required in each category:

Regular and Effective Contact (Attend 2 Workshops)

  1. Microlectures
  2. Using Pronto
  3. Using VoiceThread
  4. Using Google Docs/Slides/Sites
  5. Designing a Variety of Engaging Discussion Forums and Use of Groups
  6. Humanizing your Online Courses
  7. Structuring a Zoom Lesson

Accessibility (Attend 2 Workshops)

  1. Accessibility: Universal Design
  2. Accessibility Habits
  3. Accessibility State of Mind
  4. Other CTX Accessibility Workshops

Once you have completed the requirements, please complete the


For questions or concerns, please contact Janet Mitchell-Lambert at

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