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iFalcon Student Success Conference 2014

David Betancourt, Steven Clifford, and Michael Wesch.
 David Betancourt, Steven Clifford, and Michael Wesch.
Michael speaking to the crowd.
 Ken Shelton speaking to the crowd.
 Book Recommendation.
Amparo Atherton and Kristen Towhid.
Janet, Rhonda, and Christina.
Isela C.
Mark & Brenda
Katie and Michelle
Suzy Heapy.
Jeff Bradbury with Student Panel
 iFalcon Team
David Betancourt speaking to the crowd
Steven Clifford speaking to the crowd.
 Michael W.
Michael dance.
Mike and Jennifer.
Mike and Frank Gaik.
Mike & Terry
Mike with faculty.
Jeff Bradbury.
Jeff Bradbury.
Jeff Bradbury speaking with student panel.

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