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ACTIVITIES - Comprehend



ACTIVITIES - Comprehend

Download an activity modeled after Daisy's outlining the steps of a class assignment in the Comprehend Mini-Lecture 1. This activity can help students map out and understand the goals of one of your class assignments, projects, or activities.

Download in pdf format

Following a class lecture, lesson, or activity on important information or skills, have students take some time at the end of class to record what they have learned. Provide a sentence starter, like: "So the big idea is. . ." or "What I learned today is . . ." This can be done in a two-minute freewrite, or you can give students more time (five or ten minutes) to detail the information they have processed. Stress that this is an informal freewrite meant to help them process their knowledge, not a formal essay.

Finally, have students share their knowledge. This should take only a few minutes at the end of class. Help students identify not only what they comprehended from the class lecture, lesson, or activity, but also to identify what they may be having difficulty comprehending.

Following a discussion of Mini-Lecture 2, display or project the discussion questions in class (or distribute if not in smart classroom). Have students discuss each question in groups of 3-5. Review answers as a class after all groups have completed group discussions.

Review the college resources and have students identify which resources will best help them develop comprehension of your class materials.



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