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ACTIVITIES - Introducing iFalcon into the Classroom



ACTIVITIES - Introducing iFalcon


Take the iFALCON Academic Habits Inventory to see which success habits you practice and where you may fall into traps that limit your potential.

Download in pdf format


Personal Inventory—Review the six habits of mind with the class. After the review, break the class up into groups of 3-5. Pass out a handout of the six habits of mind or project it onto the screen in class. 

  • Have each group review the six habits again to make sure everyone in the group generally understands each habit.
  • Have each individual do a personal inventory, indicating which habits they consider to be a personal weakness or strength.
  • Have each group, aggregate the individual results and develop a summary of the group's strengths and weaknesses according to the six habits of mind.
  • Pull that classroom back together to discuss the results.
  • At the end of the activity, remind the class that you will be talking about each of the six habits in greater detail throughout the semester.



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