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Review a fictional student case study and facilitate small group problem-solving activity.

Download activity 1 in pdf format

Return to Katrina De La Cruz's story in the Los Angeles Times (Feb. 2, 2009). If you didn't use it as a Focus assignment, here's your chance. Find the article at the link below:

Katrina's story, Los Angeles Times (Feb. 2, 2009)

Download the activity that has students advice Katrina on how to link up with college resources for success, and then has them plan their own visits to Cerritos College's academic resources.

Download activity 2 in pdf format

Display or project the discussion questions in class (or distribute if not in smart classroom). Have students discuss each question in groups of 3-5. Review answers as a class after all groups have completed group discussions.

Several resources on campus offer support for students to link up with college academic groups: peer groups, tutors, counselors, and mentors. During week 9, have students (either individually or in small groups) research information on one of the following campus resources. They can review materials on the web links below, or, even better, you can have them visit the site to collect information, including brief interviews with one or more representatives of the campus resource. During week 10, spend 10-15 minutes having individuals and/or groups report their information back to the class. You may wish to have students write up their findings in a 250-500 response paper, as in Activity A2 above.



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