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iFalcon 3.0 Overview- https://youtu.be/CA7BfrUEqMg 

iFalcon aims to expose first-year and returning students to the cultural codes, habits of mind, and core values of college. While highlighting a wide range of academic cultural habits from time management, to note- taking, to educational planning, iFalcon is a strategy of “transfer” that bridges personal experience with academic “habits of mind”. 

The online workshops below each target one area:

  • FOCUS- https://youtu.be/thOecbq0Fms: The ability to self-manage and prioritize one’s tasks. Divide and conquer the tasks. Break down larger projects and study times into easily manageable chunks or stages of time. Avoid procrastination by spreading the stages over a reasonable number of days/weeks/months.
  • ORGANIZE- https://youtu.be/bLYoz7ivaWY. A systematic step-by-step approach to self-management and academic success



iFALCON Resources & Website: 

Online HOM Modules (create an account for FREE!!!!). The Online Habits of Mind (HOM) workshop series offer a new approach for students to develop college and career readiness. Topics include educational goal setting, note taking, strategic reading, Top 10 Habits of Mind, mastering the job interview, overcoming procrastination, time management, and more.

iFalcon Home Page (Check out our “For Students” tab for the iFalcon Power Apps) 

iFalcon Workshops(Success Center) -Beginning Mondays from 11-12pm

  •    August 21, 28
  •    September 11, 18, 25
  •    October 2



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