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Audio and Video Production

Video Production

A recording studio, located in LRC 109, features facilities for producing professional video and audio recordings. Our team is available to develop instructional videos, interactive multimedia CD-ROMs, DVDs, digitized and compressed video for the Web, e-course projects, and advertising on the College's local cable TV channel.

Please fill-out an online Service Request form to request service.

Audio Enhancements/Sweetening/Editing

Voice-over and music mixing can be made for audio tapes and digital presentations.

Audio/Video Tape Duplication

Video programs may be duplicated in various analog and digital formats provided the work to be done falls within copyright guidelines. Tape duplication and editing is included in support of campus video production. Video duplication can take the same amount of time as the playing time of the tape. Be sure to consider this when making requests. 

Audio tapes may be duplicated for instructional use provided the work to be done falls within copyright guidelines. Cassettes can be transferred to additional cassette tapes or transferred to a digital format.  Some digital audio formats can be transferred to cassette or CD.

Cassettes can be duplicated very quickly. For example, a copy of a sixty-minute cassette can be produced within two minutes. Seven monaural cassettes can also be duplicated at one time.

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