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Dr. Mihaela Luiza Florescu
PhD in French and Romance Linguistics
University of California Los Angeles
E-mail: mflorescu@cerritos.edu
Phone: (562) 860-2451 ext. 2827
Office: LA-W

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Get your language credit by studying French! Your credit is transferable to any four year College!

Learn the language of Napoleon, Hugo and Gaugin. Join in the discussion, express your views and learn to do it all in French. You will gain more through understanding of the French language and the Francophone world through studying phonetics, grammar, vocabulary and conversation while reading informative texts.

French 285 analyzes the evolution of Romance languages from Latin as part of the Indo-European group. Main topics explore historical evolution from Latin and contemporary linguistics with an emphasis on French and Spanish. Enhance your linguistic skills through studying linguistics of Romance Languages!