French 102

French RestaurantsTextbook: 

  • CONTACTS Langue et culture francaises, Jean-Paul Valette, Rebecca M. Valette, Seventh Edition.
  • CONTACTS Workbook.

Requirements: French 101 or equivalent.

This is an introduction to the second level of French language with an emphasis on listening, comprehension, conversation, reading and writing skills to develop control of the basic sounds, forms and structure of French. Topics for conversation are every day life situations and issues in the French world.

Moulin RougeA preliminary revision session will be offered to help students review basic expression and grammar topics while getting to know their fellow classmates. A special feature of this session is the teaching and practicing of paraphrasing. Circumlocutions help to eliminate English from the classroom. Activities encourage students to share personal experience motivating them to speak in French again after a vacation period or other interruption of their language study.

Chateau de versaillesTaking French 102 will enable the students to recall the previous linguistic information while moving progressively from the comprehension and use of structure levels of communication in French. Some activities will encourage the students to interact with the chapter material in a written format.

Taking French 102 at Cerritos College makes grater use than elsewhere of different applications of technology to foreign language learning. A new text-specific Web Site offers Activities culturelles, a set of web activities based on authentic French and Francophone links.