French 201, 202, 203


  • En Bonne Forme Seventh Edition, Simone Renaud Dietiker & Dominique Van Hooff, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston.
  • Les Grands Hommes de la France Profile in history for intermediate students. 

This program is designed for who have already studied basic French.

The course aims to challenge students to improve their ability in speaking, listening, reading, and writing the French language as it is actually used in the French-speaking world today. By the end of the program, they should be able to go on to advanced courses and feel confident in being able to get along independently in a French-speaking country.

Reading selections are chosen with several goals in mind: illustrating authentic use of the function taught in the lesson; exposing students to French culture and many different styles of French writing; offering authentic reading comprehension practice; encouraging students to think about new ideas; and of course, enjoyment. Students will use techniques and strategies to improve their reading skills in French: read for understanding, identify narrative techniques, use the context, learn important vocabulary, use cognates, identify sentence structure.

Studying Intermediate French is a non-linear process divided in two main sections:

  • Linguistics, including a minimalist approach to illustrating language usage; grammar will be taught by studying rules in order to observe how language functions in a range of discourse levels (syntax and semantics).
  • French literature and philosophy.
  • Students will have ample opportunities to learn how to read original French literary products. Every semester will develop different topics as follows:

French building on a hillCharle MagneFrench individualFrench menLes MiserablesSartre

  • Problematics of French Medieval Language and Literature
  • Renaissance
  • Classicism
  • Romanticism
  • Realism-Naturalism
  • Existentialisme - Jean Paul Sartre
  • Albert Camus
  • Eugene Ionesco
  • Francoise Sagan
  • Leopold Sedar Senghor
  • Houellebeck

Handouts will be provided for the reading section