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 Connect - McGraw Hill's Online Textbook System

General /Research Sites

Personal Finance Internet Library

Access Magazine

MSN Money Central
Fidelity Investments Workplace Savings
Bottom Line Personal
Family Money
Superstar Investor  

Investor Words   Look up definitions to finance related terms

Motley Fool    News and commentary on businesses and investments

Yahoo Finance    Links to world markets and research tools

Money Magazine    Personal finance site of Money Magazine

Securities and Exchange Commission     Company annual reports and SEC filings

Social Security Administration - You can check your historical earnings record and calculate retirement benefits.

Quicken Financial Network    A plethora of personal finance information

Errold F Moody Jr.
Planning Pays Off!
Humberto Cruz - Syndicated Columnist has common sense investing and savings advice through his column called "The Savings Game"
Bob Brinker's Personal Finance Site - Popular Talk Show Host

Merrill Lynch Family Money

Myfico - Various Calculators and personal credit information

Federal Citizen Information Center - Mostly free information supplied by the Federal Government on a variety of topics.

Federal Reserve Website

Financial Planning  Financial advice on many different topics

General Electric Financial Learning Developed by GE to "promote financial literacy".  On-line calculators, a dictionary.

Office of Personnel Management  Retirement   calculators, insurance and government sponsored retirement programs.

US Debt Clock - Constantly updated page of Government Statistics

About Personal Finance - Budgeting

People Search USA - Find people for a fee
Business Terms Lookup - Provides different database dictionaries of financial terms

FDIC - Money Tips for All Ages - Lists different life stages and tips for each stage.

Financial Dictionary - Enter any financial term and get a definition.

Finance and Loan Calculators Page

Personal Finance Pulse - Articles by the Publisher McGraw Hill

Find How - Money - Useful information about a variety of Personal Finance Topics

Accounting Degree Online Financial Literacy Resources

The Fiscal Times - news, opinion, and research on Fiscal Policy and Government Debt

Money Talks News -  Personal Finance news and information site

Wallet Hub - Personal Finance Research

The Khan Academy - Lots of Instructional Information including Personal Finance topics

Oregonian Personal Finance Blog - Brent Hunsberger

Credit Donkey - Money Tips for College Students


Stocks and Investing

Hoovers Online    High profile site for stock quotes, company news and other goodies

Kiplinger    Kiplinger Letter site with quotes and news

Individual Investor    Financial News and Stock quotes

CNN Financial

The Street

Stockpoint      Stock Quotes and Market updates

Worth Magazine    General Stock information site
Investor Protection Trust - Investing basics

Best of the Web - Investing

Google Stock Site

Private Companies

Tax Sites


Blake Christian Tax Twitter

California Franchise Tax Board

Internal Revenue Service

Tax Lawyer

Income Verification Services




Frugal LivingFrugal Living
Savvy Discounts

California Inflation Rates

Frugal Corner
Miserly Moms
Tight-Wadding with Doris O'Connell
Cent$ & Cent$ibility
Brandywine Tightwad
Frugal Living & Tightwaddery
Frugal Living Online Magazine - Go with the FLO
Frugal Living Today - Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck

Frugal Tips

Zaba Search - Find Individuals


Ways to Save Money  by Reader’s Digest

Mutual Funds

Brill's Mutual Fund Interactive     Comprehensive Mutual Fund site
Mutual Fund Investor's Center
Fund Freebees
Morningstar Mutual Fund

Vanguard Mutual Funds

American Century Mutual Funds

ING Financial Services


Kids and Money


Investing for Kids

Main Exchange   a stock market game for kids

Money Talk : Teaching Children Finance

Savvy Student    Site for teens who want to learn about being frugal, thrifty about money
Look out Wall Street   Stock market game for kids
Save Lab - Merrill Lynch site for kids to learn how to save

Feed the Pig - CPA funded website to teach young people about their finances


Debt/Credit Management

Debt Counselors of America
Credit Card Payoff Calculator

Social Security Administration – Identity theft site

Another Credit Card Payoff Calculator
Identity Theft Self-Defense

Debt Recovery

Mortgage Fraud

Bankruptcy Records - Information on Debt Management and Financial Planning

Online Personal Finance Calculators

The Truth About Credit Cards

Card Hub - Credit Card Comparison Website

Credit Card Insider - Student Credit Credit Cards



Insurance News Network


California Guide to Medical Insurance (California Department of Insurance)

Health Insurance Info Net

Life Insurance Quotes


Car Buying

Auto Trader Online
Car and Driver
Kelley Blue Book


College Sites


Quintessential Accounting Resource Guide - Maryville University

Campus Tours    

The College Board   

 California Student Aid Commission

Intuit College Resources

Financial Aid Website

U.S. Department of Education - Application for Student Aid

Saving for College Website

College Savings Plans Network

Golden State ScholarShare - 529 Plans

University of Colorado Financial Aid (Calculators for all students to estimate financial aid)

College Scholarships - Comprehensive website listing various colleges and college related information

On Line Degree Information

Brain Track US Colleges Guide

Masters in Finance Listing

Affordable Schools Online

Affordable Colleges Online Savings Plans Guidebook

Online Guide to Accounting Colleges, Resources, and Career Information


Career Sites

Wall Street Journal Career Center

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Accounting and Finance Careers



Retirement and Estate Planning

Law Easy - Wills, Trusts & Estate Documents Explained
Retirement Calculators
Retirement Spreadsheet

MSN Money Retirement Planner

Life Expectancy Calculator

Calculating retirement Savings -

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