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Crime Prevention Tips

Crime prevention is student and employee awareness and participation. It is the willingness to look out for one another and to report suspicious activity immediately to the Campus Police. Campus members must be aware of their surroundings and develop a perception of what seems out of place or out of the ordinary. Do not take chances. What may appear to be harmless, could be serious.

It is the intention of Cerritos College to inform students and staff in a timely manner of any criminal activity or security hazard which may pose a reasonable threat to their physical safety. Such information will be provided through the student publication "Talon Marks", the weekly "Calendar", and through in-house memos and bulletins.

Take Steps To Protect Yourself

Cerritos College, like other college campuses, has its share of crimes. Fortunately, the right attitude and actions can protect you and your belongings.

  • Using common sense is often your best protection.
  • Use buddy system when walking to the parking lot.
  • Have keys in hand.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Immediately use emergency phones to report suspicious activities or incidents.
  • Don't bring large amounts of cash to school.
  • Lock your car and hide all valuables inside.
  • When you see something unusual, REPORT IT!

Don't Become A Victim!

Any comments or questions, contact Cerritos College Police Department at (562) 860-2451, Extension - 2325.

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