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Purchasing Policies and Regulations


As set forth in statutes of the State of California, the Board of Trustees of the Cerritos College District has the sole authority to purchase materials and services for the District. The Board of Trustees has designated the Director of Purchasing as its agent for the purchase of required materials and services.

The District has established a policy (#5006) empowering only the Purchasing Department to purchase supplies, equipment, and services. Purchases made by individuals and departments without an authorization of the Purchasing Department will not be paid.

Bids & Quotes Procedures

All materials and services having a substantial value shall be purchased through competitive procedures. The following information summarizes the basic types of competitive purchases. The time frames noted do not include delivery, lead times, construction periods, etc.

Legally Advertised Bids

The Public Contracts Code requires that all purchases of equipment,materials and supplies exceeding $92,600.00 in value, and all purchases of work to be done exceeding $15,000 in value, be accomplished through a procedure which includes the following steps:

  1. The Purchasing Department requires that the Board of Trustees authorize the legal advertisement for bids for the required purchase.

  2. The Purchasing Department advertises for bids for a two week period in a newspaper of general circulation within the District. The Purchasing Department will ensure that bid specifications adequately describe the materials or services required by the District. Bid specifications will be written in a manner which encourages competitive bidding from all interested responsible suppliers or contractors. The Purchasing Department will consider acceptance of materials or equipment which are the equivalent of that specified. The Vendor is responsible for providing sufficient data with their bid to make this evaluation possible. Determinations of equivalency will be made by the District as objectively as is possible.

  3. Bid documents will be mailed by the Purchasing Department to suppliers or contractors known to provide the materials or services required. Bid documents are also available to any responsible vendor or contractor who requests an opportunity to submit a bid.

  4. All bids shall be submitted on District Bid forms in accordance with the instructions included therein, and shall be accompanied by all required information, bid deposits, bonds, and certifications. Failure to submit the bid in accordance with these instructions may invalidate the bid.

  5. Purchasing Department receives and opens sealed bids for the required materials or services. Sealed bids will be received and publicly opened by the Director of Purchasing at the time and place specified in the bid documents. Bids received after the bid opening time specified will not be considered and will be returned to the bidder unopened. The exact bid opening time will be verified prior to the bid opening by calling the local telephone company "Time" service. After opening, all bids shall be available for inspection by interested parties.

  6. The Purchasing Department recommends that the Board of Trustees authorize the award of a Purchase Order to the low responsible bidder who meets the District's specifications.

  7. The Board of Trustees authorizes the award of a Purchase Order to the supplier who has submitted the lowest bid which is responsive to the District's specifications.

  8. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any or all bids, or to waive any irregularity or informality in any bid or in the bidding procedures.

  9. Due to the necessity for processing this category of purchase through two Board Meetings, the requisitioning Department must plan its requirements to allow for a normal four to eight week processing period.

Informal Price Quotations

  1. The Purchasing Department solicits price quotations for the required materials or services from a minimum of three Suppliers. Suppliers will be allowed approximately fourteen calendar days to respond to the Request for Quotation; otherwise stated on quotation.

  2. The Purchasing Department will award the Purchase Order to the supplier who has submitted the lowest quotation which is responsive to the District's specification.
    Purchases of this nature will be made from sources which ensure that the District is obtaining maximum value for funds budgeted for expenditure, consistent with delivery requirements, departmental overhead expenses, and other factors which may be related.
    The informal Request for Quotation (RFQ) is not a legally advertised bid. Although a due date is noted on the RFQ, a formal bid opening will not be conducted. Quotations will be evaluated as soon as after the due date as workload permits.

Divisions or Departments having urgent purchasing requirements which may not allow for the above noted processing periods should contact the Director of Purchasing.

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