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General Admission Requirements




The Cerritos College Nursing Program welcomes all applicants. The nursing program has six options of entry (Option A-F) into the program depending on the applicant's needs and current training status.

Option A" - "Generic" student. Begins at the beginning of the program and completes the full program to obtain an Associate in Arts Degree - RN.
"Option B" -LPT-ADN Mobility Program. Licensed Psychiatric Technician entering the program as advanced placement and completing the Associate in Arts Degree - RN.
"Option C" -LVN-ADN Mobility "Bridge" Program. Licensed Vocational Nurse entering the program as advanced placement and completing the Associate in Arts Degree - RN.
"Option D" - LVN 30-Unit Option. Licensed Vocational Nurse entering the program as advanced placement and completing 30 units of college work. Student does NOT obtain an AA degree, however is eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN licensing exam and work only in the state of California.
"Option E" -Transfer and Challenge. Students who have completed nursing coursework in another program and are seeking transfer. Students who have military healthcare background and are seeking to challenge out of certain nursing coursework and enter as advanced placement.
"Option F" - Board of Registered Nursing Referral. Student completed their nursing education in another country and is seeking licensure in California and the CA-BRN has referred them to complete required content areas for eligibility.


All Program Options are further discussed under Nursing Program General Information and General Admission Requirements tabs.

To be considered for acceptance into the program, applicants must meet some initial requirements:

  1. High school graduation or the equivalent. Applicant needs to be 18 years of age.
  2. Completion of all Proficiency Requirements for the Associate in Arts Degree, ie: English 100, Math 80, and Reading 54 or equivalent with grades of "Pass" or "C" or higher or satisfactory completion of the college placement test process. (except Options D and F). *The program understands that some pre-nursing students may have taken Math 75 for proficiency requirements. However, in order to appropriately prepare our nursing students for transfer to BSN programs, the program will encourage and require students to take Math 80. Completion of Math 75 in fall 2021 or later will not be acceptable for applying to the Cerritos College Nursing program.
  3. Completion of Prerequisite courses with grades of "C" or higher: A&P 150, A&P 151, MICR 200 and ENGL 100 (for most Options) with an overall grade point average of 2.5.
  4. Only one of the above prerequisite courses (A&P 150, A&P 151, MICR 200, English 100) may be repeated if grade of "D" or "F" is earned in order to achieve a better grade. (for most Options)
  5. It is HIGHLY recommended that A&P 150, A&P 151 and MICR 200 be completed within six (6) years of admission. Repeat courses for recency purposes will be accepted, as long as the first time the student took the course, they received a "C" or higher.
  6. A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 for all college work taken. (for most Options)
  7. Completion of the Testing Of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Exam with a 62% or higher score or the HESI diagnostic assessment test with a 70% or higher. These assessment examinations are a test of basic Math, English, Reading, and Science. The nursing program conducts one TEAS testing session a year and spaces are limited. Therefore, the program will accept scores from other testing sites. The TEAS V is no longer accepted. (except Options D and F)
  8. Ability to provide a valid US Social Security number or Tax ID number prior to admission into the program due to clinical site requirements.

Some of these general requirements will vary according to the applicant's Option entry into the program. Therefore, the applicant should refer to the information packet and be sure that they are following the requirements for their Option into the program (A, B, C, D, E, or F).


Option A: Option A Applicants will complete the application for the current application cycle (2020-2021). Application will be updated annually. Applicants must be sure to utilize the correct application for the current application cycle. Applications for pick up will be available in the Counseling Office, as well as the Nursing Department. The Option A application process will include the Multiselective Criterion Tool, as well as the Random Selection (50%/50% blended admission).

Applications for Option A are accepted once a year, from January to March 15th (at the end of business hours). Admission for the "Option A" Fall 2020 and Spring 2021cohorts will be determined by May 2020.

These admission cohorts will be "blended admission process", comprised of 50% top point achievers from the Multiselective Criterion Process and the other 50% from Random Lottery process. There will be a list of alternates also maintained to fill open admission spots for the Fall and Spring semesters only. There is no ongoing "waitlist" maintained. The nursing program takes new applications every January.

Be sure to attend a Nursing Application Workshop, with Counseling, during the late Fall 2019 and early SP2020 to have your application and transcripts reviewed. In addition, be sure to follow instructions in the Application Packet closely and thoroughly, because when you turn in your Application Packet in Spring 2020, you will not be allowed to bring in late documents or add additional materials.

NURSING Option A - 2020 Application (Application Cycle: January - March 2020)

Options B/C/D/E/F: All other Options into the nursing program will complete a separate application that will NOT include the MultiSelective Criteria. These options are not screened nor admitted on a point based system. Rather, these applications can be turned into the nursing department once the last prerequisite course is completed and the passing grade is posted on the transcripts. Option B-F applicants will complete the Application for Options B-F.

If applying under Options C or D, be sure to also include transcripts from your LVN program, a copy of a valid LVN license, and a Work Verification Form.

Each of these applications is reviewed individually by the program Director and qualifying applicants will be notified individually. The number of advanced placement candidates (Option B, C, D, E and F) admitted to the program is based on space availability.


If you feel as though you have completed all requirements for the nursing program and are ready to apply, we highly recommend that you attend one of the "Nursing Application Workshops" that are hosted by the nursing counselors in the Fall term and in early Spring. These workshop dates can be located by going to the counseling page and clicking on the workshop link. Option F (BRN Referrals) students do not need to see a counselor.


For Options A, B, C, and E: (Options D and F are non-degree options)

To graduate with an Associate in Arts Degree in Nursing, the student is required to complete, in addition to prerequisites and nursing courses, the following general education courses:

  1. Psychology: PSYC 251
  2. Speech: SPCH 100, SPCH 120, SPCH 130, SPCH 132, or SPCH 150
  3. 3-units of U.S. History or Political Science: HIST 101, HIST 102, HIST 103, POL 101, POL 201
  4. Sociology: SOC 101, ANTH 100, SOC 201, SOC 210, SOC 215, OR PHIL 104
  5. 3-units of Humanities or Fine Arts: Students' Choice

Students desiring to matriculate to the CSU or UC system are required to complete additional General Education requirements and should consult with a health occupations counselor as they may vary depending on individual campuses.

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