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Registered Nurse Application Process

Nursing students praticing Central Line Dressing

The program uses a Blended Admission Process that is a combination of:  1) MultiSelective Criteria and 2) Random Selection (Lottery) (50% / 50%) 

The MultiSelective Criteria Tool (effective August 2018)

Hard copies of the application for the current application cycle for OPTION A students are available in Counseling and in the Nursing Department Office (Health Science Building)

Option A - 2021 Application

 The following information below will not change:


  • Step 1:  If not previously enrolled at Cerritos College, the applicant must complete a Cerritos College application
  • Step 2: If you believe that you are ready to apply and have met all requirements, then you will want to attend a "Nursing Application Workshop" and this information and more can be found on the Counseling website. These Application Workshops are held in late Fall and in early Spring. 
  • Step 3: Obtain the Option A Application and Application Checklist.  Complete the application and checklist and sign the application.  Take unofficial transcripts to the Nursing Application Workshop for the Counselor to review and to sign off.  ***Counselors will not be screening for Multi-Criteria points.  
  • Step 4: Gather verification of High School graduation or GED.  Gather all Official College Transcripts to turn in with your application packet (do not open Official Transcripts).  
  • Step 5:  Gather all supporting documents for the MultiSelective Criterion Process.  In order to obtain the points in each area, appropriate documentation must accompany the application.
  • Step 6:  Complete the TEAS (with 62% or higher) or the HESI Exam (with 70% or higher). *The HESI Exam MUST include a Science component.  
  • Step 7:  Be prepared to provide a Social Security number or a Tax ID number prior to admission.


  1. Applications (for Option A) are taken only once a year beginning in January and ending March 15 (at the end of business hours).  Applications are submitted to the Health Occupations Division Office where the Nursing Department is located.  
  2. Applicants are not considered according to date and time turned in; therefore, applicants who turn in their application packet on January 2 have no advantage over an applicant who turns in their application packet March 15.  
  3. All application packets must be COMPLETE when turned into the office.  Applicants will NOT be allowed to return to the division office at a later date to add more material or documents.  If vital documents are missing, the application may be disqualified.  All applicants must utilize the Checklist on the front of the application to assure that they have thoroughly completed their application.  It is the applicant's responsibility to assure this, not the secretarial staff and nor the director of nursing.  
  4. Once the application cycle is closed, all application packets will be reviewed for accuracy, eligibility, and qualifications.  Then, application packets will be reviewed for Multiselective Criterion points accrued. Applications will then be sorted according to points. 
  5. The first 50% of available seats for the following FALL and SPRING terms will be filled with the highest point applicants. 
  6. Next, the rest of the qualified applicants will be placed into a random lottery pool and the following 50% of available seats will be filled with lottery selection.   
  7. The program will then pull an alternate list from the lottery random selection, as well.   The alternates will fill any available seats that open as enrollment begins and students defer or decline their admissions.
  8. Admissions for both FALL and SPRING semesters is determined by the end of May, and applicants who gained admission will be notified in writing by the second week of June. 
  9. All selected applicants and alternates are REQUIRED to attend a MANDATORY ORIENTATION in early July of that cycle to guarantee their spot. During the orientation, information will be given regarding registration, student schedules, financial aid, textbooks, uniforms and supplies, background clearance and drug screen, required health screening and documents, and other relevant matters.  If a student does not attend orientation, their admission will be revoked. 
  10. There is no waitlist maintained, therefore, applicants need to reapply each cycle if not admitted.



All applicants (all program options, except Options D and F) are required to pass the ATI TEAS Diagnostic Assessment Test (basic math, English, reading, and science) prior to admission to the program with 62% or higher score.  Students who fail to achieve a passing score will be required to complete additional pre-nursing course work to become eligible for retest.  Applicants are highly encouraged to have their TEAS Exam completed and score attached to their application upon submission of their application in the nursing office.  Students can go to the ATI website to view locations in their community area offering the TEAS examination.

The Cerritos College Nursing Program will conduct a TEAS testing session once a year; however, this session will have limited spaces available and will be limited to only qualified, prospective candidates who are ready to apply to the nursing program.  The date will be close to the end of the application cycle (first week of March).  Once the date is advertised, there will be 80 testing spots available and students will need to RSVP ASAP to guarantee their testing spot.  In order to hold the testing spot, the student needs to show verification of a completed applications and a Transcript Evaluation from a nursing counselor on the testing date.  This can be obtained by either attending a transcript evaluation workshop, hosted by counseling, OR by an individual counseling appointment.  

The TEAS Score will be configured into the Multiselective Criteria Screening process for all Option A applicants.  So, it is recommended that applicants study and attempt to achieve their highest score.  All other Options (except D and F) need to pass the TEAS test with a >62% per Chancellor Office guidelines. 

(The nursing program also takes the HESI exam at 70% or higher.  The HESI Exam must include the Science component.)

Resources are available to assist students in preparing for the TEAS Exam and scoring their best. Information on the ATI Smart Prep programcan be found here. 

***Please check back to the website here in early January for the 2021 TEAS date and RSVP instructions. 



Applicants applying to the nursing program under one of the other options, other than A, will be screened and evaluated individually.  These applicants are NOT admitted utilizing the Multiselective Criterion Tool or any other point based system.   Applicants will complete the required prerequisites for their program option and then will fill in the Application for Options B, C, D, E, or F (not A) and will turn in the application and supporting documents to the nursing office after last required course is completed and the grade is posted on the transcript.  


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