Research Request

If you are seeking information from Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Planning (IERP) department, please submit a Research Request Form outlined below.

Please copy and paste the following questions with answers into an email. Send the email to:

  1. Name:
  2. Department/Division:
  3. Supervisor:
  4. Timeline:
  5. Which category best describes your research request:
  6. Type of data needed:
  7. Describe the research request:  (e.g. Describe the overall purpose of your study. Why are you interested in the data?  What questions are you trying to answer?  Also, specify each type of data you are requesting --
    student grade distribution for a course, student ethnicity demographics, GPA for a specific cohort of students, list of student participating in your program, etc.). 

The request will be assigned to a Research Analyst, and will provide you with an estimated delivery date. In regards to number 4 (above), we will strive to meet your deadlines as best we can.

For requests by persons that are not employed by the college, your request is considered either a Public Records Request; or it is considered an IRB request. If you are a graduate student seeking to use our college as a data participant, please proceed below with IRB instructions.

Public Records Request
For Public Records requests, please email the request to Felipe Lopez, Vice President of Business Services.

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