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CD 110 Video Questions

CD 110 (Child Development) Video Questions

Video I: The Miracle of Life

1. What does the video say about DNA?


2. What controls a women and man's reproductive cycle?


3. Reasons why some sperm never make it to the ovum:


4. Environmental conditions that effect sperm production:


5. About how many sperm reach the egg?


6. Once the sperm and ovum become 1 cell, when does it start to divide?


7. After 5 days, it is called a ______________________________ .


8. When does the fetus start to suck its thumb?


9. What is still a mystery?


10. A baby is born at the end of the video. Girl or Boy?


Video # 2: Love's Labors

1. What do children need to thrive?


2. Examples of playful interactions:


3. What surprises did researchers find when looking at parent/infant interactions?


4. What happens when Dad avoids looking at Stefan?


5. When does a child start to look for the hidden object?


6. In Japan, when the mother leaves the room, what happens?


7. __________________________________ and muscle movement allow Vera to walk.


8. What does Vera receive for her 1st birthday?


9. What does the video say about "play"?


10. Examples of symbolic play:


11. What is language?


12. What does ASL stand for?


13. Examples of Avery's language development:


14. No child learns to speak in i_________________________________ .


15. A p______________ p_______________ game between 2 people who are crazy about each other.


16. What is the natural environment for the child?


17. What did Harry Harlow find in his research with monkey's?


18. What does the video say about child care?


19. What do parents expect in Reggio Emilia child care?


20. What does research say about child care?


21. What is "quality" child care?


22. What is a moral sense?


Video #3: Early Childhood

1. Examples of Gross Motor Skills:


2. Examples of Fine Motor Skills:


3. Examples of "symbolic thought":


4. Examples of "egocentric thinking":


5. Watch the "Conservation Tasks" carefully!

Juice in glass

Play dough

6. Language Development

Vocabulary E_________________________

7. Types of Play





8. What is "Dramatic Play"?


9. Gender Identity

Examples of stereotypic responses given by the preschoolers:



Video # 4: In the Land of the Giants

1. Who are the giants?


2. Examples of aggressive behavior:


3. What happens on Christmas Day?


4. How do children get to be who they are?


5. What influences Parenting styles?


6. Values are handed down through culture. Give examples from the video:


7. Family is the most powerful system. In this system we learn how to deal with other h________________________ b________________________ .


8. In Japan, what is the name of the day which celebrates children?


9. Why do the children go down into the caves? What are they facing?


Video #5 Middle Childhood

1. Examples of Gross Motor skills:


2. Examples of Fine Motor skills:


3. Examples of individual differences:


4. When does pencil control improve:


5. What is the name of cognitive development stage during middle childhood?


6. What happens during this stage?


7. Vygotsky

In the video, what is an example of the "Zone of Proximal Development"?


8. Scaffolding: (look up in textbook)

Definition and page #:


9. Memory - Rehearsal Strategies

How does Jenny remember the list of words?


10. Suggestibility:

Example of "false memories":


11. Self Concept:

In middle childhood, how do children start to describe themselves?


12. Peer Acceptance:

Characteristics of popularity:


13. Gender: How do the children answer these questions:

What do girls like?

What do boys like?

Gender role expectations:

For women?

For men?

What happens when they get older?

14. Moral Development - Preconventional/Conventional

How are moral decisions made at this age?

15. What is important to remember about developmental disabilities/differences?


Video # 6: What the Silenced Say?

1. What does Jonathan say about the short yellow school bus?


the DSM IV?






his Mother?


his Father?


2. What did teachers do that made Jonathan not want to go to school?


3. What did teachers do that made Jonathan want to go to school?


4. What is cognitive diversity?


5. What sport was Jonathan good at?


Video # 7: Adolescence

1. What does the video say about physical development and the adolescent stage?


2. What is happening during the Formal Operations Stage? (Piaget)


3. Examples of "risks" adolescents take:


4. Social/Emotional Development/Self Concept

What is slang?

Examples of what adolescents have planned for their lives:


5. Peers

Who has more influence, Parents or Peers?


6. Moral Development

Post Conventional Stage (Look for definition of this stage in textbook!)



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