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UPDATE on Spring 2020 Grading Options: Students can request an Excused Withdrawal (EW) or Pass/No Pass (P/NP) grading basis for any Spring 2020 class due to COVID-19. Visit the “Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty”  page for additional information.

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Fostering Instructional Continuity

So what can you do to help foster Instructional Continuity?

  • Make your syllabi and other important course documents available electronically.

  • Identify, setup, and test your technology tools to conduct class remotely. Please see the attachment for directions on using zoom within Canvas.

  • Communicate with your students. Tell them how you plan to communicate with them in an emergency (email, Canvas announcement, etc.). Communicate clear expectations with students (flexibility with due dates, plan for course content, will you plan to move online, etc.)

  • Talk to your department/division colleagues to share ideas around online assignment modifications, as well as options for assessing, collecting, and grading student work online.

  • Connect with the CTX and remote teaching guides.

  • Check out resources and ask questions in the Remote Teaching Resources Canvas

In-Class Labs

With the implementation of Gavin Newsom’s Stay at Home order all instruction will be moved into an online format. We are working with the Chancellor’s Office, the Governor, and other appropriate bodies to identify virtual lab type activities that could be used as a substitute for in person lab courses.

We are encouraging folks who are teaching lab classes to move what they can online immediately and to continue talks with their dean, the office of Academic Affairs, CCFF Leadership, and Faculty Senate President on potential options for remote instruction for lab courses.

Information current as of 3/20/20  

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