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Institutional Competencies and SLOs

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Cerritos College has developed the following Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) to provide guidelines to current and future students regarding the expectations for successful completion of its courses, certificates and degrees.  Successful students will be expected to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and personal qualities contained within one (or more) of these ISLOs regardless of whether they complete individual courses or earn specific certificates or degrees.

Personal Knowledge and Responsibility

Students will develop the necessary skills to define, maintain and complete their personal educational goals.  They will learn to work independently to accomplish personal goals toward realizing their full potential academically, physically and emotionally whether for personal enrichment, further education or career advancement.

Communication and Expression

Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively and appropriately communicate their thoughts and ideas both in written and oral forms.  They will develop verbal and non-verbal delivery skills, in an appropriate manner, to communicate their ideas as well as evaluate the ideas of others in a wide variety of contexts.

Information Literacy

Students will demonstrate the ability to determine when gathering additional information is necessary.  They will use appropriate resources and technologies to locate, evaluate and incorporate the information when developing supporting arguments and drawing conclusions.  Students will also develop the ability to understand any legal, ethical or social issues regarding the use of information.

Critical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning

Students will demonstrate the ability to recognize assumptions within an argument and actively and skillfully analyze underlying reasoning to develop a conclusion.  They will apply qualitative and/or quantitative analysis to solve problems, predict outcomes, test hypotheses, and explore alternatives in an ethical manner.

Civic Engagement

Students will develop values and beliefs in their role as a member of local, national and global societies to promote truth, fairness and goodwill to others.  They will use the democratic process to further their values and beliefs and recognize and accept differing perspectives based on cultural diversity.  They will engage in actions which provide service to others and have a positive impact on their local community.

 Note:  The above Institutional SLOs were revised effective Fall 2018.  The revision included consolidating the General Education SLOs into these SLOs.  The links below present the GESLOs and ISLOs that were effective before the Fall 2018 semester.

General Education


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