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SLO Assessment Guides - Introduction

Cerritos College strives to assess, on an annual basis, SLOs for all of its courses and its degrees and certificates. To make these assessments more manageable, the college has streamlined its SLO assessment process by implementing elumen as its Learning Management System (LMS). The SLO process, however, remains the same four activities:

  1. Reviewing SLOs
  2. Selecting and Using Assessment Tools
  3. Reviewing Assessment Data
  4. Completing Action Plans

elumen can improve this process by allowing the campus to collect assessment data more efficiently, to use the data more effectively, and access the data more readily.

elumen allows us to collect data effectively by allowing faculty to use course assignments, exams, papers, and projects to assess course SLOs. It allows us to use the assessment data more efficiently by rolling it up into our degree/certificate SLOs and into our institutional SLOs. Finally, it allows us to use the data more readily by making it available immediately on the department chair’s dashboard and in easily printed reports.

In managing these assessments, elumen identifies two key assessment roles, the program coordinator role, which is assigned to department chairs, and the faculty role, which is automatically assigned to all faculty members, including department chairs. In hopes of assisting department chairs and faculty conduct these assessments, the SLO Committee has developed guide books for each role.

“The SLO Assessment Guide for Department Chairs” covers reviewing, assessing, analyzing, and developing action plans for degree/and certificate SLOs. It also covers how to print various reports and uploading degree/certificate SLO assessment data into Program Review Plus.

Click here to access “The SLO Assessment Guide for Department Chairs.”

 “The SLO Assessment Guide for Faculty” covers reviewing, assessing, analyzing, and developing action plans for course SLOs, and it explores more deeply the various ways that faculty can employ their current assignments, essays, exams, etc. to assess course SLOs, including rubrics, gradebooks using Excel and TalonNet, and the Scantron ParScore testing tool.

Click here to access “The SLO Assessment Guide for Faculty.”

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