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Overview of Student and Campus Services SLOs

The Cerritos College Student and Campus Services Assessment Plan is designed to foster student success and institutional effectiveness. To do so, the plan calls for all non-instructional areas--Student Services, Business Services, and Human Resources--to assess Student Learning Outcomes and/or Administrative Unit Outcomes on continuous and consistent basis.

At Cerritos College, Student Learning Outcomes and Administrative Unit Outcomes are defined, not by the unit performing the assessment, but by the purpose of the assessment. For this reason, a non-instructional unit is said to assess an SLO when it queries how well their clients acquired specific knowledge or skills; and a non-instructional unit is said to assess an AUO when it queries how well it is performing a particular service or task. By defining AUOs and SLOs in the manner, non-instructional units may develop as part of their assessment plans both AUOs and SLOs.

Up through the 2010-11 academic year, most non-instructional units had assessed at least one SLO or AUO, analyzed the results, and developed and implemented improvement plans; however, these assessments were often done on an ad hoc and piecemeal basis. After the 2010-11 academic year, the non-instructional units assess their SLOs/AUOs according to a common calendar: in the fall semester of each academic year, they assess one SLO/AUO; in the spring semesters, they analyze the results and develop improvement plans; and in the following fall semesters, they implement the improvement plan and assess the next SLO/AUO, etc.

The Student and Campus Services Assessment Plan develops a continuous assessment and improvement process, and in doing so, promotes student success and institutional effectiveness across the campus.


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