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2019 Classified Awards Ceremony

  • Richard Garcia with his wife and daughter
  • Stephanie Minami, Henrietta Hurtado, Kristine Aslanyan, Dr. Jose Fierro, Richard Garcia, Yvette Tafoya, Kim Westby, Marisol Aguilar, Robert Agauyo
  • Belle Gomez, Richard Garcia, Dr. Jose Fierro
  • Richard Garcia and Dr. Fierro
  • Patricia Robbins-Smith, Martha Moncada, Silvia Arevalo
  • Miya Walker, Samuel Chavez, Toni Grijalva, Aya Abelon, Margo Winners, Kelly Kwan
  • Bernice Watson and Dr. Jose Fierro
  • Mario Morales and Dr. Fierro
  • Bernice Watson and Mario Morales
  • Dr. Fierro and Thomas Brush
  • Norma Rodriguez and Dr. Fierro
  • Kim Applebury and Dr. Fierro
  • Vicki Curry and Dr. Fierro
  • Dr. Fierro and Martha Moncada
  • Dr. Jose Fierro and Kristen Towhid
  • Dr. Fierro and Aya Abelon
  • Dr. Fierro and Nancy Molina
  • Ulysses Valencia, Jenny Mejia, Dr. Fierro
  • Dr. Fierro and Monica Acuna
  • Dr. Dilcie Perez and Dr. Jose Fierro

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