Name: Viridiana Hernandez

Quote: My friend suggested that I look into engineering classes offered at Cerritos College. In my first class at Cerritos, I was in complete awe, and before I knew it, everything was falling into place.

Engineering Design Technology, California State University, Los Angeles (B.S.)

Future Job: Project Engineer

Name: Ryan Kang

Quote: I found my love for education, for learning at Cerritos College. Cerritos was the first place I discovered core truths about what I wanted and about who I am. Cerritos College has the resources and services to give people, from literally any and all walks of life, an opportunity.

Political Science. Minor Economics, Stanford University

Future Job: Public Policy

Briana Givens

Quote: Looking back at my time at Cerritos, I would not have done anything differently. The two years I spent at Cerritos College changed my life forever. I will forever be thankful for the quality of professors and faculty members that work endless hours to encourage students to reach their goals and then surpass them.

Political Science, University of California, Riverside (B.S.)
Thomas Jefferson School of Law (J.D.)

Job: Lawyer

Jacob Lirio

Quote: Cerritos College has prepared me to undertake the rigorous intellectual demands of Columbia University. The guidance from professors and faculty has challenged my understanding and the role education plays in the 21st century. I am proud to be an alumnus of one of the most elite community colleges in the nation.

Business Administration, Columbia University

Future Job: Lawyer