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Common Myths & Facts About Sexual Assault

  • Myth: Only rape counts as sexual assault
    • Fact: Sexual assault is sexual contact that usually involves force upon a person without consent or that is inflicted upon a person who cannot give consent. It can include any unwanted sexual contact, from inappropriate touching to rape.
  • Myth: Most rapists are strangers.
    • Fact: Studies show that only 15 percent of rapes are committed by strangers. The majority of rapes committed are by acquaintanes and even intimate partners.
  • Myth: If a person is being abused their situation can’t be all that bad if they stay in the relationship.
    • Fact: She or he may be afraid or ashamed. Never blame the victim!
  • Myth: Men can’t be raped if they don’t want to be.
    • Fact: Any man can be sexually assaulted, no matter who he is, how big or strong he is, or his sexual orientation. Some men are sexually assaulted by women. Most are raped by men.
  • Myth: Certain behaviors/appearances can justify sexual assault
    • Fact: It is not OK to sexually assult a person and there are no excuses for sexually assulting someone.
  • Myth: Roofies are the #1 rape drug.
    • Fact: Alcohol is the #1 rape drug
  • Myth: Attractive people are more likely to be assaulted
    • Fact: Especially in cases of rape, assult is not about appearance, it's about opportunity. People of all ages and sizes are sexually assulted.
  • Myth: It happens mostly in dark, isolated places
    • Fact: Sexual assault can happen anywhere - at a party, in a bar, or in your own home. Some types of sexual assault, like rape, are more likely to happen in isolated places, but inappropriate touching can easily happen in public.

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